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Judith Onuoha

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I have been training with coach Ben for a while now. He has given me the tools to grow, such as figuring out my nutrition and training rigimes. Whenever I'm training for a competition, I know that I can count on him to help me get to peak performance level.

Shuchen Ge

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I would like to say Ben is an excellent, professional, and patient personal trainer for people at all levels.

Kinnell Tackett

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I have been working with Ben for around a year to constantly grow in my muay thai skill set as well as increasing my strength. He's patient, understand and pushes your limits to make you want to be better.

Hannah Masterton

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Ben is knowledgeable in his field, personable, and encouraging. His sessions are challenging and rewarding, and he explains the process so you can visualize your goals for the future. I highly recommend him for anybody looking for progress in their bodies and physical skills. (Not to mention, he's incredibly nice and fun to work with!).

Michelle Donovan

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Ben is a very patient, friendly, and knowledgeable personal trainer. I’ve been working with him going on 4 weeks in prep for a jiu jitsu tournament. The sessions are always hard, but he finds that balance to challenge and encourage you.

Cooper James Hays

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What a day of training! Started it all off with an absolute BANG! Thank you Ben Locken for the kickass workout today before practice! Anyone who is looking to get results that EVERYONE notices should give him a holler, as he has all your personal training needs (no matter what your goals are)!

Anthony Mcintosh

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I was looking for a nutritionist for my first MMA fight as I had no weight cutting experience and limited nutritional knowledge. Ben was recommended to me by a fighter who had used him in the past so I decided to give him a try. I needed to go from 180 pounds to make weight at 155 pounds. Ben sent me the nutrition plan and the weight came off smoothly. I felt healthy and hydrated all the way to the day of weigh ins and I actually weighed in at 155.8. The surprising part was I only stuck to the diet about 80%. Who knows how easy the cut would have been if I stuck to it 100%. The rehydration plan was good and I felt healthy and strong in my fight and walked out with the win. Will definitely use him again in the future and recommend him to others!

Pam "Bam" Sorenson

Professiona MMA Fighter, Invicta Veteran

135.00 Lbs before working with Ben (left), 135.00 Lbs after working with Ben (Right)